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Our Goal here at Paddle Zone is to give you incredible insight on the best fishing equipment for any paddle board enthusiast. Even if you are new to paddle boarding or fishing I look forward to giving you guidance on where to start and how to learn.

From fishing rods to the best paddle boards made for fishing are just some of the key things you will learn from my blog and reviews. After almost a decade of paddle boarding and fishing on the bay, lakes, river and even ocean I have not only had some of the best times but also have learned tricks of the sport.

3 Things You Should Always Bring Paddle Board Fishing

Before I get into anything else the very first thing I want to mention is It is very important that you place your cell phone in a water proof protective device or at the very least a ziplock bag. I know this sounds silly but I can tell you from experience that it is not fun when you stuck out on the water with no way to communicate in case of an emergency or if you are in need of keeping track of the day.

Okay, so back to that checklist. Here are three that are must have when fishing on your paddle board or kayak.

1. Fishing SUP Anchor: A good anchor will allow you too position yourself with out having to continue to paddle every time you drift around and off the target fishing spot.

2. Vertical Rod Holders: It is very important to place your rods straight up in vertical fishing rod holders. This allows me to stand up and paddle to the exact destination of my choice and just easily reach back a grab a rod without any hassle. No kneeling down or bending over which makes it great.

Quick tip they have great coolers with built in vertical rd holders but if you are n a budget you can use and type of cooler and purchase 2 inch drain pipe and just cut two pieces to about 14 inches in length and just screw from the inside of the cooler into the pipe so its stable and then there you go you have rod holders on your cooler.

3. Wading Boots and A 10′ Rope: This allows you to be able to tie off to your paddle board while you wade down the flat to an area where you see multiple fish. Also incredible protection from sharp objects and other animals in the water depending on what type of fishing you are doing.

Another great tip is controlling your paddle. This is a critical sup fishing tip. After years of fishing I see so many people using a wasted effort dropping their paddle down on the board which is in the way of everything not to mention when you are in shallow water little movements and eruptions scare all the fish away.

The secret is to have your paddle always on your side. The way I like to do this is with a strong piece of outdoor cord or rope about 3-4 feet long with a tied loop on each end. Then you wrap this rope around your waist like a belt and put one loop through the other so that the one loop gets caught on the other loops knot and acts like a belt.

Now, when you transition from paddling to fishing all you do is quickly place the paddle board handle through the extra loop hanging at you waist side and you can easily reach back and grab any of your fishing rods with ease.

Again no more bending down or worrying about dropping things off the board. This also gives you a great benefit to be able to grab your paddle even while your fishing rod is in your hand. Maybe, you get a large fish on the line and it is tugging you into the water well, now the paddle is easily accessible to just grab of your hip and use the paddle to fight the pull.

Of course you should have your tackle box and basic fishing gear but I am not going to dive deep into that on this post I will cover more about my favorite gear on another post.

These are a few of my main tips. I am somewhat of a SUP fishing “GEEK” as what my friends call me but I love this sport and the outdoors.

Inflatable Board Or Hard Board For SUP Fishing?

I have both a quality inflatable paddle board and a hard board that I use both for fishing. I must say I have been sticking with my inflatable board much more lately because the overall experience has been much better. The inflatable board is lighter, quieter and easier to maneuver.

The advantage of a hard board is if you are going to be paddle boarding off shore against more wind or rougher currents. But lakes and rivers my go to is always a quality inflatable fishing paddle board.

I also like a nice wide and long board. My inflatable bard is 30″ wide by 12′ long. It makes it very easy to glide across calm water and very easy to move around on the board without feeling off balance.

I hope these tips help you on your fisherman journey and please read my other posts and recommendations. I always try to add any value that I can from experience.
My Goal This Year: I look forward to traveling all over the United States to a few key paddle board fishing setup spots that I want to explore and then end the year in Costa Rica for a end of the year fishing trip. I will be using 5 different types of paddle board brands and style to test out thanks to a few of my good friends.
I look forward to sharing my experiences and reviews on not only the boards but also the different equipment that I will be using including bate, gear, accessories, rods and reels.

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